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Ramp III Phase II Expansion R. Bartolucci

On Thursday, May 17, 2007, The Ontario Government announced it's support of the expansion of the Sudbury Airport. The announcement by Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci (pictured at right) was made at a press conference held in the main Terminal of the Sudbury Airport.

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation will provide $450,000 to the Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation to expand it's general aviation and commercial apron area. Funding will go towards structural improvements including a new paved aircraft apron area complete with edge and flood lighting, relocation of power lines, new security fencing and upgraded utilities. As many as 50 new jobs could result from the estimated $3 million in new construction this expansion project expects to accomodate.

Sudbury Airport Manager Bob Johnston reports that the 8 acre site will be the home of nine individual lots as well as general aircraft parking spaces. A new access road will provide access to these lots and aircraft will have complete access to the airport movement areas.

B. Johnston

Of the nine lots available to the public or business community, five have already been spoken for and new hangers are expected to be completed and operating by the fall of 2007.

Businesses or individuals interested in development of the remaining lots are encouraged to contact the airport while the opportunity still exists.

June 2008 Update New Hangers

Throughout the fall of 2007 and the winter of 2007/08 initial landscaping and grounds cleanup were completed on the extension to Ramp III.

In the fall of 2007 one hanger was constructed on the east side of the ramp (hanger on the left of this picture) and is now operational.

Construction on a second hanger was begun in the spring of 2008 as the land was prepared and serviced. The construction continues and the hanger should be in operation very shortly.

The second (top coat) of ashphalt was laid during May and June, lines painted and reflective markers installed along the edge of ramp extension. As shown in this photo, the ramp is now open and waiting for additional new hanger construction and aircraft parking.

Ramp Expansion

Runway 04/22 Annual Maintenance

During summer months and as early as contractors are available, a continuous maintenance program is in effect for our main runway (04/22).

Crack Sealing

During the summer of 2006, the secondary runway (12/30) was reduced in width from it's previous 200 feet to 150 feet and completely resurfaced. Resurfacing of the entire intersection also took place. As a result, these new surfaces are not yet in need of maintenance to fill cracks in the surface.

However, the program continues with the main runway. On a two-year maintenance cycle, half the runway surface is resealed every year. During the 2007 season, cracks in the centre 100 feet have been sealed. Contractors from London, Ontario arrived with a 9 person crew in the early morning of 10 July and completed the entire project by 2:00 PM.

Runway Line Painting

During summer months and as weather and availability permits, crews from the Greater City of Sudbury are contracted to repaint all airport maneouvering area lines.

Line Painting

Taking place over a period as long as 5 days, all markings on both runways and all taxiway areas are repainted. Using the same grade paint as that used on local roadways, the paint normally will 'last' from 1 to 2 years before repainting is required.

When the runway surfaces and taxiway areas are completed, the crew then moves on to ramp and aircraft parking areas, finishing with roadway areas on the airport grounds.

Air Traffic Control Tower Closure

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Flight School RFP

Contract GDD07-09, RFP to Establish a Flight Training Centre at the Greater Sudbury Airport

Closing Date: November 21, 2007

Closing Time: 11:00:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time)


The Greater Sudbury Airport is a non-share capital corporation (Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation) that is owned by the City of Greater Sudbury. A volunteer Board of Directors has been established to govern the affairs of the corporation within the framework of relevant legislation and standards.

The Board of Directors is actively pursuing a number of business growth initiatives that will enhance airport services to citizens of the City and strengthen the financial health of the corporation. Establishing a viable Flight Training Centre is one example of a business undertaking that is both strategic and critical to achieving General Aviation growth.

Proposal documents may be downloaded free of charge from the City's website at or may be picked up at the City of Greater Sudbury, Supplies & Services Section, 2nd Floor, Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street, Sudbury for a non-refundable fee of $10.60, ($10.00 plus GST).

Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted using the address label sheet provided to the City of Greater Sudbury, Supplies & Services Section, 2nd Floor, Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street, Sudbury NO LATER THAN 11:00:00 a.m., (our time), Wednesday, November 21st, 2007.

Proposals will be opened the same day at 2:30p.m in Committee Room C-21, 2nd Floor, Tom Davies Square. Please be advised only the names of those proponents who have submitted a proposal will be released at the meeting. Information regarding pricing or contents of the proposal submissions will not be provided as we reserve the right to negotiate with all bidders.


All communication (including clarification required from a technical perspective and/or from a purchasing perspective) between the CGS and prospective vendors MUST BE in written format via email or fax. To facilitate comprehensive responses, proponents are encouraged to email or fax their questions as soon as possible but no later than 12:00 noon, Wednesday, October 31st, 2007, to or via fax to 705-671-8118. No verbal instructions or verbal information to proponents will be binding on the Greater Sudbury Airport and the City of Greater Sudbury. DO NOT CONTACT ANY OTHER AIRPORT OR MUNICIPAL STAFF PERSONS OTHER THAN THE SUPPLIES & SERVICES SECTION STAFF REGARDING THIS PROPOSAL.

The lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted.

All Tenders and Request for Proposals are to be dropped off at the Supplies and Services Department at Tom Davies Square, 2nd Floor For more general information, contact the department at: 671-2489 Extension 2497 or email

Flight School RFP Update - June 2008

By completion of the competition closure date, there were two submissions received by the Sudbury Airport. These applications were received from the two local area Flight Training facilities.

Unfortunately both applications were determined to be woefully inadequate and neither was accepted.

While the competition has been closed, the Sudbury Airport is open to discussion of new business ventures with suitable corporate agencies or private persons. Companies or persons interested in discussing business opportunites at the Sudbury Airport are encouraged to contact the Airport Chief Executive Officer.

Aircraft Crash - 11 October 2007 Minor Crash

On Thursday, October 11, 2007 in the later part of the afternoon hours, a Piper Twin Comanche enroute from Calgary, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario contacted the runway with it's landing gear in the raised position.

The aircraft came to rest in the first third of Runway 04. Although there was substanial damage to the aircraft, the sole occupant was uninjured. Crash Rescue services responded and remained on scene until the aircraft was safely removed from the runway.

There was no damage to the runway surface and following an inspection by Airport Operations Specialists', the runway was reopened for normal use.

New Logo - 09 November 2007 Airport Logo

The Sudbury Airport recently introduced a new logo pictured here.

The new logo will be used on all official correspondence and airport signage where applicable. In addition, decals will also be prepared for use on airport vehicles.

Airport Stakeholder Update - 06 December 2007

It is hard not to notice all the construction on the airport property lately. The Apron III land development project which is located just south of the main air terminal building is just one of several significant projects that the Sudbury Airport will be embarking on over the next year.

To keep agencies, tenanats and employees informed on the progress of several major airport initiatives, we have scheduled an information meeting in the air terminal building on the date noted below. To accomodate the schedules of as many employees as possible we have identified two time slots for your convenience:

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 in the Arrivals Area of the Air Terminal Building the first session will be at 10:00AM and the second at 3:00PM.

Although the meeting will provide an opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas and comments, we would like to take a few minutes at the meeting to review with you the airport's strategic goals and long term plans. We are optomistic that the work associated with these strategic objectives will foster economic growth and create a dynamic operating environment that will benefit the airport, it's tenanats and the community.

We view this type of forum as an important method in strengthening business relationships and rapport amongst employees, agencies anad tenants at the airport.

We kindly ask supervisors to circulate this memo within your respective departments and afford all employees the opportunity to attend.

New Airport Sign - June 2008 Airport Sign

Incorporating the new Airport logo shown above, the Sudbury has installed a new sign at the entrance to the airport.

This new sign reflects the new attitude and vision of the Sudbury Airport and will be lighted to accomodate entry to the airport during night hours.

Parking Improvements - August 2008

Parking areas at the airport are being expanded and improved. In addition to the main vehicle parking area being expanded, it will be paved and available for use in early September 2008.

Parking Lot

As shown in this satellite photo the North portion of the parking area is being both expanded and paved. The southern portion of the parking area (outlined in red), is being paved to improve the parking area for both short and long term travellers at the airport.

Shell FBO Access Road - August 2008

As a result of the expansion to Ramp III during the summer of 2007, the access road leading to the FBO sites at the airfield were somewhat modified resulting in a slightly awkward driving access to the Shell FBO.

As a result of this change, a new access road has been prepared and paving will be completed in early September of 2008. In addition to easing the access to the Shell FBO, access to the Ramp through "Gate 2" will also be made easier. Shell access

As shown in this satellite photo the new road is a simple extension of the main road which goes poast the Terminal building.

Air Side Ramp Improvement - August 2008

Since the inception of Ramp III, there has remained a physical division between it and the main ramp area. This has been a grass covered area outlined by taxi lights to ensure aircraft safety during night movements.

The expansion of Ramp III and the move of the Shell FBO to their new location at Ramp II have lead to the latest development in air-side improvements to facilitate both aircraft movements and winter maintenance. Shell access

Identified in this satellite photo the grass area and taxiway lights have been removed and the entire area is being resurfaced. This area will be paved and in use in early September 2008.

Aircraft ran off runway - September 2008

During the early afternoon hours of September 30th, 2008 a scheduled airline flight was on final approach to the Sudbury Airport.

As the aircraft crossed the touchdown area of the runway, a large flock of small Starling sized birds flew up into the aircraft. As a precaution on landing the aircrew shut down both engines.

Shell access

Unfortunately the aircraft was unable to maintain directional control after the engines were shut down, and rolled off the paved portion of the runway. The aircraft came to a stop off the runway and suffered minor damage to both left main landing gear tires.

Crew and passengers were disembarked and transported to the main terminal building where they were able to board connecting flights. There were no injuries sustained by anyone onboard the aircraft. The aircraft was subsequently removed form it's location, to the main parking ramp for repairs.

Red 3 On The Move - November 2008

In November 2008, Red 3 will take up a new temporary residence at the Toronto City Centre (Island) Airport.

Red 3

Porter Airlines, operating eight Bombardier Q400 twin-engined commuter aircraft have increased passenger movements at the Toronto City Centre Airport to an average of 60,000 per month. Within a very short time frame, Porter Airlines will be operating an additional 12 aircraft from the Island Airport.

Red 3

As a result of the increased passenger movements and size of the aircraft operating from the airport, Crash, Fire, Rescue services will be upgraded from Category 5 to Category 6. This entails the Fire Service having two Crash Rescue vehicles operating at the airport. While, the Island Airport Fire Service has orderd an Oshkosh Stryker 1500 their new Stryker will not be available until into March of 2009.

In order to meet their new commitment, The Toronto City Centre Fire Service will lease Red 3 from the Sudbury Airport. Following Foam Certification testing on 03 NOvember, Red 3 will be moved to Toronto where it will take up it's new temporary duties.

Tracr II Runway Reporting System

Beginning in February 2009, the Sudbury Airport will employ the automated Runway Condition reporting system known as Tracr II. This system is from Tradewind Scientific Ltd. of Ottawa, Ontario. A company specializing in technical measurement and monitoring services along with associated equipment, support and training focusing on the aviation industry.

Tracr Base Unit

A modular system composed of a base unit (shown at right) and a vehicle mounted Touch Screen (shown below), the Tracr II system will automate the runway reporting function at the Sudbury airport. Previously, runway reports were completed manually and faxed to the Sudbury Flight Service Station.

Tracr II

While conducting runway inspections and Canadian Runway Friction Index testing, operators utilize the touch screen of the vehicle mounted module to enter all necessary data. Information is then transmitted to the base station where it is sent out either by fax or e-mail to selected recipients.

New Aircraft Maintenance Hanger

From "The Sudbury Star" - 25 April 2009.

The Greater Sudbury Airport is getting a new, 15,000-square-foot hangar that will create eight jobs. The $1.5-million hangar, which will be built through a $750,000 grant from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and $750,000 from the airport itself, will accommodate Hicks & Lawrence Limited -- a Northern Ontario based company providing aviation services across the North for 50 years.

Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci, who announced the grant Friday in the airport's lobby, said the new hangar and jobs will be a boost to the city's aviation industry and the local economy. "That sends a powerful message to the people of this community and the people who want to invest in Greater Sudbury," he said. "They see the government has confidence in our community. They see a facility that is managed well at the corporate and government level and can manage growth. That's an attractive milieu for any investor to come to."

Greater Sudbury Mayor John Rodriguez said the new hangar will boost activity at the airport. "This is a very, very important gateway to the city," he said. "Those who come into the city to explore the possibilities, 99% of them come through here ... We are opening the doors to new investment opportunities in the city."

Bob Johnston, the airport's chief executive officer, said the eight jobs will be high paying and highly skilled. The new hangar will be constructed near the Ministry of Natural Resources' firefighting complex, which is located just before the airport's entrance. It will serve as an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul centre.

Johnston added that more changes can be expected at the airport in the months ahead. "The airport you see today will be significantly different one year from now," he said.

Hicks & Lawrence has maintenance and flight operations bases in Kenora, Dryden and Greater Sudbury. It also supports flight operations bases at Geraldton, Chapleau and Timmins. The NOHFC grant is coming from the corporation's Infrastructure and Community Development Program.

Sudbury Airport Air Rally - June 2009

Saturday, June 6th, 2009 dawned as a partly cloudy, somewhat cool early summer day. Fortunately the weather was no deterrent for as many as 45 intrepid aviators who made an overnight stop in Sudbury as part of their annual Air Rally/Fly-in.

Departing from Rouyon in the early morning, more than 45 individual pilots headed for Sudbury. The fleet of aircraft included numerous vintage and modern planes. Included in the fleet of single engined airplanes were a number of American registered aircraft, one twin engine aircraft and one helicopter. Rounding out the collection were as many as 4 float equipped aircraft which spent the night on Lake Wahnapitei.

On arrival in Sudbury the pilots and their crew were treated to a BBQ lunch at the former Platinum Aviation hanger located on Ramp III. Following basic attendance to their trusty steads, the aviators then made their way to a local hotel where they shared a dinner and some of the Sudbury nightlife.

Early Sunday, the crews collected themselves at the airport and following extensive pre-flight inspections, departed the Sudbury control zone enroute to Hanover.

See you next year folks!

Hicks and Lawrence Hanger Expansion

Ground breaking began on the morning of Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 for the 15,000 square foot hanger that will house the new Hicks and Lawrence maintenance and repair facility. See previous article above for additional details.

Located off Taxiway Bravo alongside their current temporary facility, the new hanger will be located in the former location of the Sudbury Flying Club. Access will be via a currently-in-place sub-taxi between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Health sub-taxiways.

Anticipated completion of the new facility is the fall of 2009 when Hicks and Lawrence will move into the new hanger. Stay tuned to this section for updated photos as construction progresses.

Sudbury Airport Fire Service Expands

On behalf of the Government of Canada, Transport and Infrastructure Minister John Baird announced today (17 July 2009), that the Sudbury Airport will receive $919,147.00 in federal funding to improve it's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Services. "Our Government is committed to making safety a top priority for travellers. The purchase of this new vehicle for the Sudbury Airport will keep passengers and employees safe during emergencies."

Air Canada Jazz and Bearskin Airlines are the official carriers serving the Sudbury Airport. There are a number of charter and cargo aircraft that also frequent the airport on a regular basis. The Sudbury Airport also serves as a main firebase for the Ministry of Natural Resources - Ontario during the summer season and hosts a major base for Medivac aircraft.

The Sudbury Airport currently provides level 5 Crash Rescue Services. The level of services provided are based on the number of aircraft movements and size of aircraft that regularly fly into and out of the airport. As a result of increased aircraft movements and the inclusion of Sunwing vacation flights, the Sudbury Airport will be required to provide level 6 services. Regulations mandate this service level has two vehicles.

The $919,147.00 announced today will provide for the cost of a new response vehicle, ancillary equipment, an exhaust system for the firehall and training for the Firefighters. Tenders are expected to go out soon and selection and delivery of the new Crash Rescue vehicle is expected to take place by the spring of 2010.

The federal funding provided will permit the Airport to submit a list of vehicle specifications for the desired vehicle. Based on those specifications, the leading ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) vehicle manufacturers will likely submit bids to the airport with the bid winner announced at the earliest possible date.

It is expected that vehicle bids will likely come in from Oshkosh who make vehicles such as the Stryker 1500 (pictured at left), and Rosenbauer, makers of ARFF vehicles such as the Panther (pictured at right).

Stryker 1500 Rosenbauer Panther


In September the bidding process was completed and the successful applicant was Oshkosh. Our new ARFF vehicle will be a Striker 1500. Details of this model can be found on the Spec sheet, here.

With a construction time of over 250 days, our new ARRF vehicle is not expected to arrive until well into 2010. Once it arrives, call to arrange a visit and we'd be happy to show you around!

Photos courtesy of the individual manufacturer web sites.

Locally based aircraft, Fatal Crash - 10 October 2009

Piper Cherokee

On Saturday, October 10th 2009, a Piper Cherokee, PA-28R-180 (like the one pictured here) was returning to Sudbury from Kingston, Ontario on a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight plan in the early evening hours. The aircraft was piloted by a local businessman (Kevin Houle - 50) and carried his wife (Lorraine Houle - 50), teenaged daughter (Emily Houle - 17) and her boyfriend (Michael Rollins - 17) as passengers. The aircraft had departed Sudbury on a VFR flight to Kingston earlier that morning where they visited an older daughter attending University.

At some point during the flight and for reasons not yet known, the aircraft crashed in a remote area of Devine Township in Algonquin Park near South River. The remote site is accessable only by helicopter, where both the Ontario Provincial Police and Transportation Safety Board investigators are conducting an examination into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

The PA-28R Piper Cherokee was privately registered to local business Tracks and Wheels. The aircraft was found at approximately 03:30 hours local time Sunday morning, as a result of activation of the on-board Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT). All four persons onboard the aircraft received fatal injuries.

On behalf of the members of the Sudbury Airport Fire Services, our condolences are extended to the Houle and Rollins families.

Porter Airlines begins service to Sudbury - 31 March 2010

Dash *

On Wednesday, January 27th 2010, it was announced that Porter Airlines will begin daily service between Toronto Island and Sudbury with it's innaugural flight on March 31st, 2010.

Flights will begin departing daily utilizing Porter's fleet of Bombardier Q400 commuter aircraft configured with 70 passenger seating. One-way fares to Toronto Islands' Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport are $99 plus taxes. At the time of this writing, the Air Canada Jazz web site offered one way fares to Toronto's Pearson International Airport for $163 on all flights except the directly competing flight. Rates on that flight only, were reduced to $99 the day after Porter announced their Sudbury service.

Porter's connecting flights will be available to Ottawa, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, Quebec City, Halifax, St. John's NL and Thunder Bay. Current US destinations include Boston, Chicago, Myrtle Beach and New York.

Porter spokesperson Brad Cicero advises that the Q400 as configured for Porter Airlines offers more leg room, leather seats and other amenities such as premium snack services and meal boxes depending on the time of day. The Island Airport is located a very short 2.5 km from downtown Toronto and taxi service is available at very reasonable costs. A free ferry service connects the Island to Toronto and runs every 15 minutes.

Porter Airlines is now accepting bookings for their flights from Sudbury, through their web site.

Canadian Backcountry Aircraft

Dash *

Beginning in March of 2010, the Sudbury Airport became home to an aircraft distributor, Canadian Backcountry Aircraft. Offering the Expedition, an exciting, new, single engine aircraft built in Parry Sound, Ontario. Clearly the best in class, the Expidition offers unparralleled performance and capability in single engine land and seaplane operations.

The ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything aircraft, the Expidition offers an impressive 962 pound payload with full fuel load of 98 US gallons, a range of 750 NM and a maximum endurance of 6.5 hours.

The 315 horespower Lycoming IO-580 engine will allow you to go anywhere and do anything with this airplane. Golfing, camping, travelling, or just pure enjoyment are all within the realm of possiblity with the Expedition.

You can now own one of the finest, most capable, easy flying workhorses in it's category. For more information visit the Expedition web site. For a demo flight contact Wendy Lauzon at Canadian Backcountry Aircraft at (705) 918.4126.

Runway 30 Threshold Project - January 2011

On 17 January, 2011, the Sudbury Airport announced a major new expansion as the airport continues it's recent growth. With a $1 million dollar infusion by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation's infrastructure and community development program, the Sudbury Airport will be able to move forward with this $3.3 million dollar project.

With as much as 9 hectartes of available land space, the airport will now be able to develop both aviation and non-aviation related space north of the current Runway 30 threshold.

The new development will incorporate an extention of Taxiway Alpha north across Runway 30, leading to an as yet unnamed taxiway which will then parallel the Runway ending at the threshold at the current turn-around bay. Separate road access will also be developed allowing access to the site without concerns of interferring with aviation traffic.

Infrastructure to include water, wastewater and electrical services will be put in place to service the new expansion. In addition, sub-taxiways and apron space will be constructed to provided access to parking and hangers for as many as 30 additional aircraft.

Porter Airlines Expansion - September 2011

Beginning Tuesday, September 6th, 2011, Porter Airlines will offer a 6:05AM flight to Toronto Island from Sudbury. Utilizing their Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft, Porter will expand their trademark premium service.

With more than 20 aircraft in their fleet, Porter will continue to offer complimentary in-flight wine and beer and expansive legroom in their 70 seat Q400s. Passengers will be able to connect directly to any of the Canadian of US destinations serviced by Porter Airlines from their Toronto Island location. Porter also offers shuttle bus service from the Royal York Hotel to the ferry dock providing access to the airport.

Porter flights will now be available for Sudbury passengers with departure times from Sudbury at 6:05AM; 2:00PM and 7:00PM.

Discovery Aviation Academy - September 2011

Hicks and Lawrence Limited announces the opening of its aviation school, Discovery Aviation Academy. Established to provide ground and flight training to fixed-wing students from its facility in Sudbury, Ontario and commencing operations on September 1st, 2011.

Discovery Aviation Academy will offer training in Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot License, Night Rating, Commercial License, VFR Over the Top, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings. They will also offer Sight Seeing and Discovery flights to all interested parties.

Discovery Aviation Academy will offer training in their Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 337 Skymaster and Rockwell 500 Aero Commander.

Discovery Aviation Academy will leverage their extensive network to help give its students exposure to real-world aviation and bridge the gap between graduation and employment.

Discovery Aviation Academy can be contacted by telephone at 705.693.4551 or through their Web site.

Lights, Camera, Action! - March 2013

For three days in March 2013, the Sudbury Airport became part of 'Hollywood North'. The Sony Pictures science fiction action film "The Frozen" was being filmed in and around the Sudbury area. Part of that filming took place at the Sudbury Airport.

Directed by Sturla Gunnerson (Beowolf and Grendal, the film stars Australian Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), and Canadian actors Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun) and Adam Beach (Arctic Air, Windtalkers)

The picture takes place at a number of locations throughout Northern Ontario including Whitefish, Copper Cliff and Coniston, culminating in an exciting climax filmed at the Sudbury Airport. Included with the as many as 60 support and background actors from the local area, there was also an aircraft from Discovery Aviation Academy used in the production.

The movie is expected to be released in the fall of 2013. Tune in and see if you spot someone you know!